Friday, March 11, 2011

This week in School

Ok so, the last 2 weeks we spent testing or assessing.  I needed to see where the kids were and boy I'm so glad we did.  I realized there are some MAJOR wholes and of course that has caused a total change in the way I'm doing things.  So for now, I've decided that an most subjects we are schooling as a group.  I have them working seprate on math things but even that there are things we are doing together.  I'm really going to focus a lot on many basic concepts but these are the holes I am seeing.  I think that sometimes we adults have had it drilled into our heads early on that it is easy for us now and assume that basics are simple concepts.  Somewhere I've not nailed it in with these kiddos so I'm looking for fun, games, manipulatives to bring it home. 

We worked on reviewing shapes, drawing them, naming them, making flash cards and testing one another on it.  Nate worked also on Roman Numerals and has found that he like his mommy enjoys that but of course we don't stay there just cover it long enough that he gets the hang of what it is about and basics on how it works.  Larissa was working on skip counting this week.  We did the 2's and 5's.  I'm pretty sure she has it but we will come back next month for a quick review.  David, worked on shapes and numbers this week too.
As we moved into Language arts, we learned vowels and consenants, nouns and verbs.  We did this through games, and various writings we did daily.  We wrote a limerick.  And tried hard to have fun but not overwhelm them.
In science, Dad was home today so he helped nail the lesson on electricity.  Dad always comes up with the coolest things.  He had a capacitor and the kids like seeing the sparks fly after it's charged.  He also showed them a circuit board he had as a boy that does all kinds of cool things.  But this showed them how to wire a basic circuit.  Dad also is a better science teacher than mom.  We also covered some real basic time line history on electricity. 
For history, I decided we would cover 2 things for the rest of the year.  State history, and information, and after we complete that we will study the presidents.  This week the kids learned where they are on the map.  Not just Ky but where they are.  Plus a few other nuggets along the way. 
So over all things for school are getting back on track.  I pray that I'm able to cover the holes in before we start in the fall.  I was really stressing out over it and even doubting I was able to do this and second guessing HSing all together but I'm giving myself to the fall to see where we come up.  Nate is going into 5th and he's so behind in so many things but I'm pressing on to work with him and praying that God will give me the wisdom on how to work with him and catch him up to speed.  I'm also reminding myself as to the reason we decided to do this. 
This has been an emotional week and I'm believing that this is to spark some very creative thinking in me.  I welcome others creative thoughts and ideas too.  SO, hit me with all you got homeschoolers.
Blessings to you all and have a great week.

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