Saturday, January 22, 2011

Closing is set for this week.

Our New House
Ok so this is the NEW house.  We FINALLY received word that all things were approved and closing is finally set for this week.  We are so excited and so ready for the move.  We've been trying hard to pass the waiting game time by re-painting our current house.  That has been a task.

I will post more pics as we move in and most importantly, WE WILL be developing a SCHOOL ROOM.  I'm so excited but I know that will be some time down the road before it will be ready.  I'm also excited about the plans I have for a craft area.  I'm hoping that it will inspire some good things. 

So with every silver lining, there seems to always be a cloud somewhere.  This morning, we were having our morning coffee talking about the plans for the day and we get a phonecall from our beloved 18 yr old daughter, who had spent  the night else where.  I answer to "YOU ARE GOING TO KILL ME".  I knew right then she had an accident.  Sure enough, she totaled my husbands car.  She hit ice and slid into another car and pole.  Thank the Lord she is ok, but this will leave us with no second car.  We've chosen not to go into debt till we are able to get on our feet.  So we will pay off what we owe and live with one vehicle for now.  I know it will be a tough adjustment for a while but we will manage. 

Times like this, I have a tendancy to withdraw and go down a path of negative thought.  I am fighting this path and I choose to look at the gifts given by our God.  There are blessings to behold and no matter what God is still in control.  Living a moment with my children is the greatest moment in life.  Life is tough, and we struggle but I know that beyond anything I can see or comprehend, God sees the picture and knows what is best.  He knows what we need and no matter, I will rely on His wisdom, His plan.  Taking comfort the He has already placed before me all that I need. 

Be blessed. 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Life learning!

Ok, so funny story but shows the amazing moments we have to teach.  My young daughter says something about MY MOTHER HAVING ANOTHER BABY!   LAUGHING:)  (my mom did too) Couldn't understand the concept as to WHY she couldn't.   SO, that turned into a quick health/science lesson.  I've also found that in the last month, while we've been on our delayed schooling schedule because of the move, that the kids seem to be wanting to learn about this and that, asking very interesting questions, educational questions. They are also finding ways to answer those questions.  I've also found them watching more and more educational type shows.  It is amazing that when you leave your kids to explore the world with a little guidance, the opportunities for them to learn is so vast.  Their little minds seem to want so much and really with my brain it's hard to keep up. THANK GOD FOR THE INTERNET!!!

I've done research before on the "Un-schooling" meathods of homeschool and truthfully, I really love the IDEA of it however my person can't let go enough to not step in.  I always fear my kids not knowing enough.  Ok that is the control freak that I am, but seeing this within my kids is helping to see that I really need not worry too much.  They are learning, even though it's not deliberate book work or lessons.  It's great to witness such great things and of course a new way of seeing God's Great Handy work, LIVE IN ACTION!. 

As for the house and closing, still waiting!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Delayed closing….breakdown

Well, it seems that every time I go to get excited there is yet one more thing to

bring me down.  We are beginning to wonder if there will be an end.  HOWEVER,

I know that again, I must find my peace in the Lord.  There is only that to hold

on to.  I so wish that I could be done with it all though.  It is agonizing.  Right now all

we can hope for is next week.  In the mean time we continue to get everything ready.

Keep us in your prayers as this process is taking its toll on us. 

School is obviously going slow these days.  We are all anxious for the move and till

then it’s not going to be much. 

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Wow has this been a process.  I can't say that this has been totally enjoyable.  I would have hated to build.  That would be agonizing.  But here we are Closing is set for Friday and moving on Saturday, that is if there are no more glitches.  We are so ready to get out of here.  As a rental the house LOOKS nice but so many things wrong and a cheap landlord.  Even as we speak I must sit here wearing 2 layers of clothes a blazing hot cup of coffee just to stay warm while the temps are only at 30F.  Our furnace runs constantly and it's only getting worse.  That is only the half.  So to say the least, I will be very happy to get out. 
We did some school yesterday and I will some today.  We are doing easy stuff though, games, computer stuff, and reading books.  I am un-hooked to the printer and things are a mess so it is easier for me to just let them do the work on the computer.  This in it's self makes me wonder about schooling in the pioneer days.  Many still homeschooled, but how and when.  I'm sure the HBL style was in full usage.  Of course the bible was used a lot and maybe a few like the McGuffey readers.  Parents could only school what they knew and even some of them didn't know reading and writing.  I'm so Glad that we have the resources available to us today that we have.  Isn't it nice?  I think that this is one of the great reasons that our Homeschooled kids are excelling over the mainstream. 
One of my commitments in the New Year is that I would like to get more involved in politics in our new community.  There are some things happening here in KY that really concern those of us that home school.  It is all part of the democratic agenda that wants control.  SO, I'm hoping to begin to teach my children to become a part of the American Voice by example.  They need to know that they are the future of this country and we need them to step up and speak.  OK, I'm off my  soapbox. 
So, anyway, off to packing and more packing, ugh!!!!!  Coming next is house pics.  Stay tuned....

Sunday, January 9, 2011

It's my birthday....

Well, today I'm one year older.  Wiser, I don't know.  Grayer, most definitely.  Most of all, I'm here with my family, and we are ok. 
As most of us are, we don't toot our own horn so I didn't and funny thing is, the kids didn't even know it was my birthday till almost lunch time.  "Why didn't you tell us?"  Funny.  My oldest 18 says, oh yeah, I forgot.  I did get a call from my son although he is the one that will never forget, his birthday is on the 8th. 
It was good though, for the most part.  I asked the kids to not fight, go to dad for any problems and mom was off duty.  We went to church, out to eat, and I was able to chillax.  I like that.  Now if I could have someone finish the packing this week...ok wishful thinking. 
I'm hoping for the good news of being able to complete all this house stuff and move, this week.  Prayerfully next week this time, I'll be sitting in my new house messy that it will be but at least it will be done and then I will find peace and relaxation. 
I will post more pics as I go.

Saturday, January 8, 2011


I was so struggling with this blog site and now I've figured it out.  They don't like my browser and so I HAD to open everything through IE, which by the way is the one browser I HATE and always get nailed with virus ware.  So when I blog or view blogs, I will have to open IE.....ugh. 

Friday, January 7, 2011


Moving in the middle of a school year isn't easy, and really isn't easy at all ever.  BUT there are some things that I've done to make it work for me. 
1. First realize it's going to get done.
2. Make a plan, you don't have to do it all at one time.  Being overwhelmed isn't going to get the job done.
3. Map out the house, count your rooms, and asses the big areas from your small areas. 
4.  Instead of allowing the kids to get in your way, don't be afraid to get them involved.  They can do some things too.  Just make sure they are packing things that you won't worry about being done right. 
5. This is the best time for a clean out.  Use the rule of thumb, if you haven't used it in a year or two you won't ever.  Stop saving those clothes from HS hoping to fit into them.  IT WON"T HAPPEN and even if you did, you wouldn't want to wear them anymore.  Also, same goes for the Kitchen and Crafts.  I know as a crafter and home schooler I tend to pack rat anything I think I can use later.  SO BE BRAVE AND CLEAN OUT!  If you need it later, chances are you can replace it very easily.
6.  Map out your NEW house and decide what needs to go where.  This helps in the packing process too.  As you mark those boxes the movers know where to put it. 
7. Packing those boxes- MARK IT WELL.  Put on it What room to put it in, AND BE DETAILED IN THE CONTENTS.  MARK BREAKABLE all over the box. 
8. USE ever drawer, cubby, or empty space.  Fill them up.  Yes it's heavy but you need to use it instead of using Boxes. 
9. INVEST IN -packing tape, markers and saran wrap.  Why the wrap, great for keeping your wood items protected and any loose doors from falling open and stuff falling out.
10. USE towels, washcloths, sheets, blankets, pillows and rags all for packing instead of paper.  Works so much better and costs less. 
11. MAKE SURE you keep a basket of things that you will need while moving.  Screw driver, tape, rags, cleaner, rope, markers, bungees, zip lock bags, garbage bags, and any personal items.
12. Make sure you pack in separate boxes, sheets for beds, clothing for the next day, and any toiletries needed for the new house like toilet paper, paper towels, bathing items.  THESE YOU WILL WANT TO KNOW WHERE THEY ARE and not have to hunt for. 
So, Hope these little moving tips can help.  If you have more to add, please do.  Would love to get more ideas.


" For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." -Jer 29:11
"So there is hope for your future," declares the LORD. "Your children will return to their own land."- Jer. 31:17
God has promised Hope AND a Future.  I feel this is my promise, this is for me and my family.  For so long the House of Wood has been through the dessert, the storms, the earth shattering disasters, with very little hope except that of our salvation.  I've held on to the Lord and that knowing he was with me all along the way.  I've not been the most faithful and at times have screamed at God for allowing these things to happen.  I don't understand everything but I do know that I've learned this one thing, life is a day by day and sometimes moment by moment adventure.  God didn't promise we would KNOW the plan or even like HIS plan, but that we trust HIM that he has a plan and that HIS plan is in our best interest.  So with that I try to look at all things in life as a moment of trusting in Him. 
2011 I believe is the beginning of some very good things for the House of Wood.  We will be closing on our very own, brand new house in the next week or so.  We believe this in itself is going to be a financial blessing and help us to get back on our feet.  We are more able to plan good things for the family and allowing us more freedom.  We are unsure of any change in our home church at the moment but we are seeing good things in the kids where we are. 
Kim will be graduating this year and as soon as we move will be looking for new work.  She is unsure of her own future plans but I am learning that God has them in HIS watchful care. Matt is in a new place and turning 16 this Saturday.  God keeps speaking Jer. 29:11 and Jer. 31:17 to me over these 2.  So, this year, 2011, I am going to try and commit to Praying these scriptures over them, daily.  These are the times that I know God is the only answer and I know PRAYER WORKS.    Becoming a mother of empty nesting is hard.  It's the letting go and allowing Them to work life out with God.  And most of all learning to trust that GOD will take care of them even when they are not following Him. 
As for Home school, we have been on a very long break due to this house thing.  SO, I pray that we are able to work into a full day of work after all is settled.  Getting Kids back in a groove is hard but I'm praying that God help me be creative and get them back into things with them on board and not even realizing they are doing it. 
More posting to come. 

Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Blog....

This is something new.  I had been really struggling with posting via the blogspot website.  For some reason I couldn't post.  I got so frustrated that I deleted it all and was looking for another site.  Seems that there are no other sites without paying for it, so in the end, if this doesn't work that is what I will do.  So for my first post on this one, I am sending this only as a test.