Friday, September 16, 2011

This week was a not so week off.  What do I mean, well as I've explained we are on a 4 week on then a break.  This was a 1 week off break although we were so very busy that really it wasn't much of a week off.  We did Dr visits and even a Field Trip tomorrow to Bardstown Civil War days.  Even though it's a saturday I'm counting that as a school event.
We also had a few other events go on this week that was fun but again, I feel worn out.  Oh not to forget that our cat again had her kittens last night so I was midwifing last night too.  
On the homeschool front though, we are getting ready to finish up our book with Total  Language Plus that I have totally loved and I think the kids like this method they just didn't like the book SO with that I'm rethinking things and I may attempt my own study off of books they enjoy.  Nate is beginning to really enjoy books but picking the right one is the trick for him.  Larissa is a reader and she loves the girl type books.  Because they have really developed a love of reading I want to encourage this by keeping with this type learning.  It will be more challenging for me but I'm sure we can do this.
So this week is a shorter post but it is.  This is life and we are blessed.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

We had a trip back to the 18th Century this week.

We had an awesome field trip this week.  We went to the Painted Stone Settlement Massacre.  This settlement was started by none other than Daniel Boone Himself.  It was one of many.  The kids and I got a chance to learn about life on the settlement and all the struggles you had being a pioneer in the new Kan-Tuk-ee lands.  So I'm sharing my pics with you with a few tidbits of info along the way.

This gentleman played a tune on a Fife.  He also talked about the history of the American Flags.  We all know the wonderful flag made by Betsy Ross but there were other flags.  As the states grew and Kentucky being #15 this flag had 15 stars and 15 stripes.  BUT after that they went back to 13 stripes.  ALSO, because they only had letters and not pictures to communicate with perceptions would get mixed up.  So we saw a flag that was used in one of the settlements here in KY back in the 18th century that had Blue and Red stripes white background and blue 8 point stars on it.  George Rogers Clark was told he had to carry a flag and he made one out of what he had and that ended up being red and green stripes.  HOW NEAT!

This gentleman is holding a genuine KY pistol.  This gun as well as the KY rifle were not named because they were made here as they were actually made in FRANCE, but because they were used here on the frontier. 

 This is April Fool.  She is 20 yrs old and her lineage is from horses used one the frontier in the 18th century.  Most of the horses then were not LARGE because people mostly used horses as work horses.  They really didn't ride them much.  My 2 sons are helping get her clean. 
 This is what Daniel Boon would have been dressed like.  He was not just a frontiersmen but he was also one of KY first state Representatives as well and a surveyor.  Daniel Boone was a very well educated HOMESCHOOLER.  He could never learn enough and would actually hire others whom he could learn from through out his life to tutor him so he could learn more.  We had a chance to see copies of Daniel Boones survey work as they were very precise and well done.  Also they were selling land on the frontier for a little over a penny an acre.  WOW!
 This is a blacksmith.  Now we all know that Blacksmiths were in every town or community.  They were needed for so many things that you and I take for granted today.  In most settlements the Blacksmith was even the Dentist because Dr's were very rare on the frontier. 
 Now we all needed our clothes to be laundered and on the frontier sometimes you would have this woman do it for you for those stubborn stains.  However the methods they used are not quite what you would imagine.  They used a combination of wood ash, lye, and of course they made soap from pig fat and lye mixed together, and ok SIT DOWN FOR IT>>>> human urine.  That is right.  She would trade her services for your urine.  ICK!  Urine after sitting for a while will turn into ammonia.  Did you know that,  I didn't!  Anyway, they would also use the natural sunlight to bleach out clothes. 

 Of course all food was made from scratch.  On the frontier though, much of what they ate was made of corn.  Did you know they would boil some food with wood ash too?  This was a way to preserve it as well.   Of course they would drain it but still....sounds gross.  This woman is making pound cake over a fire.  Wow, old school.  At least I know that if my oven goes out again I can still make cake!

 This is a frontier Dr getting ready to pull a musket ball out of my sons shoulder as he volunteered to get shot for this demonstration. 

And Finally this woman is explaining the customs of the average life on the frontier.  Did you know they would learn the ABC's on the frontier with a Doll with long arms and legs.  How cool.  And since they didn't have pics of family to remember them by they would cut a lock of hair and keep it.  She saved some of her own family's and boy the kids will not forget that! 

There were so many other things that we saw and learned but  this is just a taste.  Hope you enjoyed your short walk into the Kan-ta-Kee frontier.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Well followers, yes it has been a LONG time.  Why I really can't say I have a good excuse, just being lazy.  HOWEVER, some of you know that I've been battling some health issues as well that does effect my drive and energy.  To be honest some days it's good for me just to get up and finish school.  Some days I fantasize of just staying in bed all day.  Yes, I know that doesn't sound good and really it's not.  That is what I mean by battle.  I some days just have to force my feet out of bed and just pray for God's Strength for the day.  If  any of you have Diabetes and Thyroid issues as well as beginning Menopause well, that is my world right now.  SO as you read, just say a little prayer for me that God will help me get back my health. 

Now on to new things.  We started our new year of Homeschool on the 11th of July.  I have decided for my sake as well as the kids this year we would do things a little different this year.  We are doing a 4 weeks on and 1 week off schedule.  With the exception of 2 4-6 week vacation times.  SO FAR it's working well.  I usually lose steam about the 3rd week in but I'm able to make it through that last week knowing I have a week of rest.  I've also changed things up a bit with our curriculum and so far I really like it and even though the kids don't think they like it they seem to do well with it. 

Our CURRENT curriculum:
We are doing as a group Mystery of History Vol 1., Christian Kids Explore Earth and Space, Artist study as well as techniques, Musician Study and a little theory in there as well.  The kids all decided they wanted to learn Chinese this year so I bought a dvd as well as some software to help.  We are also doing Total Language Plus for Language Arts.  We started with "The Whipping Boy" although the kids really don't like the book.  I am looking over the next selection but may end up doing something with books I know they enjoy.  We also do Bible together.  This isn't any curriculum but more of a devotion time together. 
With the Youngest seeing that  he's in K this year.  I'm kind of winging it with him as He's really taking off on his own.  He's doing 1st grade level Math but writing skills or even motor skills still need work.  He's also showing great reading progression.  Really beginning to pic up on phonics on his own.  So I say as long as he is pushing himself than I'm letting him lead. 
As for the Workboxes, we are doing 8 this year.  The youngest does his 8 and he knows he's done.  The other 2 do their boxes focusing on their worksheets for TLP, Math, their own Bible time and Reading Time.  I also throw in some life skill boxes too.  This year they are showing an interest in cooking and sewing (even the boys) so I've got some things we are going to work on this year. 

So that is really our year.  Now remember I have one that did Graduate from PS this past year and still living here at home ( although as most teens, she has one foot out the door) but she has found a good solid job and actually indirectly working for DAD.  Long story short, My husband is the IMPORTANT Customer for the Repair Vendor whom my daughter works for.  He didn't get her the job but I'm sure being his daughter didn't hurt either.  So I'm just glad she's working a good solid job now.  As for her plans for school, she is still unsure of her future plans although talks about going to school.....we will see.  I just want to see her successful and happy at what she does. 

As for the other one, Matt is doing well.  He's a Junior this year although somewhat behind the typical grade.  He is in a private type school by the state.  He may be coming home in December but only time will tell there.  He is asking to go back to PS but I'm not really sure that is a good idea.  I would have to really pray that one out.  I know that he's wanting to get back to being NORMAL but truth is he's been out of the system for so long that I fear it would be culture shock for him.  So that is another thing to pray for as you read.  Pray God give us all wisdom and whats the best for him. 

As for life here in KY.  We too have had a great long heat wave this summer.  The kids have found some great friends and all is well.  We are happy to be here in this spot.  SO, really all is GOOD. 

Come back again and check up on me.  As we work through this year I'm going to post more pics of our projects and trips.  Love to hear feed back from you too.

BTW, Mama Cat is going to have her second litter any time soon now.  So stay tuned in for pics.  Let me know if you want a kitten. 

Blessings in HIM!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

House Rules by popular demand.

First let me say that we sat down with the kids and allowed them to ake part in making the RULES.  You may be shocked but my kids thought about what  they didn't like from others and made some good rules.  They also helped and I say that lightly because Mom and Dad had the ultimate call on that.  But they did come up with good consequences too.  We also told them that these rules are amendable by Mom and Dad.  (Yes we had to explain amendable.)   I also want to add that Rule # 2 is mainly for one child of ours that likes to linger getting things done in the morning and doesn't like us starting school with out him.  So with that said here is a copy of our HOUSE RULES.



1. No saying “That’s not fair”
Read the rules

2. Morning Routine done by 10AM
School starts at 10AM and Ends at 3PM
You can not start school till ALL chores are done. After 3PM you have SCHOOL work on your own.

3. No Physical Roughness with people or things.
Grounding for 1 Day.
4. No Tattling
The same consequence of the person you are tattling on.

5. Respecting Others:
No name calling, yelling, wrong attitude or tone, being rude, agitating or causing a fight, interrupting, back talk to Mom & Dad.

No computer, TV, or Gaming Time. 
6. Listen when you are talked to.
The distraction taken away for 1 day.

7. Do what you are asked by MOM & DAD when you are asked.
Extra Chores from Mom’s Chore Jar.

1 tsp of Vinager.

9. Finish Night Routine:  Clean up LV RM, Bed RM, Basement, Outside, Bathroom, and Brush teeth.

SIGN: __________________________________

EST: March 20, 2011

Hope you enjoy and if you have questions please ask.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

The first week of Spring!!!!

Larissa's Cast

Boys at the Science Center

Well, in the past few weeks we have had wonderful 70 and 80 degree weather and loving it.  However, this week we have had mostly cooler temps back into the 40's and 50's.  Talk about drastic change....ugh! 

During our sweet weather bit, we did get out and mow our little patches of grass, replant one of those stupid trees we were forced to have and We got the swing set up.  The kids were able to get out and run, enjoying the great weather after the cold winter.  Not to mention they have become friends with the other kids in the neighborhood and loving it. 

We have had to re-establish house rules to bring back order which is now going to be framed and hung on the wall.  Intead of mom just having to "BE MEAN" and administer the consequences, I will not nag and just tell them to go read rule # ... and the consequence.  So far it's working out great.  No more "THAT's NOT FAIR".  LOVE IT! 

Last Sunday, our lovely Larissa took a fall.  At first we weren't sure how bad it was and waited 24 hours before heading to the Dr and sure enough, Broken both bones in her forarm.  So we had to take a day trip back into Louisville for an Appointment with an orthopedic Dr for the BRIGHT NEON PICK cast with Purple Glitter, but that also ment having to kill time so we went to the science museum.  HOW NEAT IT WAS!  They had a special exibit of all the Star Trek stuff.  From the costumes, to the actual Captain Kirk Chair.  So neat.  Of course no photography allowed.  I So wanted to post it.   OH WELL, the kids absolutely loved it. 

Now we wait for the weather to come back and hope to soon see some planting and get the Veggies and Flowers out.  But first we have some other projects we need to do.

Friday, March 11, 2011

This week in School

Ok so, the last 2 weeks we spent testing or assessing.  I needed to see where the kids were and boy I'm so glad we did.  I realized there are some MAJOR wholes and of course that has caused a total change in the way I'm doing things.  So for now, I've decided that an most subjects we are schooling as a group.  I have them working seprate on math things but even that there are things we are doing together.  I'm really going to focus a lot on many basic concepts but these are the holes I am seeing.  I think that sometimes we adults have had it drilled into our heads early on that it is easy for us now and assume that basics are simple concepts.  Somewhere I've not nailed it in with these kiddos so I'm looking for fun, games, manipulatives to bring it home. 

We worked on reviewing shapes, drawing them, naming them, making flash cards and testing one another on it.  Nate worked also on Roman Numerals and has found that he like his mommy enjoys that but of course we don't stay there just cover it long enough that he gets the hang of what it is about and basics on how it works.  Larissa was working on skip counting this week.  We did the 2's and 5's.  I'm pretty sure she has it but we will come back next month for a quick review.  David, worked on shapes and numbers this week too.
As we moved into Language arts, we learned vowels and consenants, nouns and verbs.  We did this through games, and various writings we did daily.  We wrote a limerick.  And tried hard to have fun but not overwhelm them.
In science, Dad was home today so he helped nail the lesson on electricity.  Dad always comes up with the coolest things.  He had a capacitor and the kids like seeing the sparks fly after it's charged.  He also showed them a circuit board he had as a boy that does all kinds of cool things.  But this showed them how to wire a basic circuit.  Dad also is a better science teacher than mom.  We also covered some real basic time line history on electricity. 
For history, I decided we would cover 2 things for the rest of the year.  State history, and information, and after we complete that we will study the presidents.  This week the kids learned where they are on the map.  Not just Ky but where they are.  Plus a few other nuggets along the way. 
So over all things for school are getting back on track.  I pray that I'm able to cover the holes in before we start in the fall.  I was really stressing out over it and even doubting I was able to do this and second guessing HSing all together but I'm giving myself to the fall to see where we come up.  Nate is going into 5th and he's so behind in so many things but I'm pressing on to work with him and praying that God will give me the wisdom on how to work with him and catch him up to speed.  I'm also reminding myself as to the reason we decided to do this. 
This has been an emotional week and I'm believing that this is to spark some very creative thinking in me.  I welcome others creative thoughts and ideas too.  SO, hit me with all you got homeschoolers.
Blessings to you all and have a great week.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pics of the House

 So after lots of effort in the process this is the after pics of the house.  This is the period where we take a rest, things are livable and we are settling into call it home.  There are so many other things we are going to do but for now we are here.  
This is the Kitchen and my long awaited oven.  My husband was great and let me have the one I really wanted.  Not top of the line but is a Convection Oven.  Wow, I got so excited about being able to cook and bake again.

Here Is Nate this morning.  Just a fun pic.  The kids are all happy here and love their new home.  Already making friends in the neighborhood. 

These are pics of the living room.  Right now it's a little cramped in there but I do have all our school stuff in here too.  In the future we will have our very own school room.  We are going to work on that. 

The kids are sitting at the table in our eating area / School table.  (for now)

 The slice of peace haven for me.  This is the master bedroom.  Nothing great but it is our area.
 I'm still working on this area a little but this is my sewing machine and I'm excited to have a space to work on my hobbies.

These pics are a little more of my craft areas.  This is in our closet but we had enough space to give me a spot for crafting....when I get time.
 organizers are essential....

These next three pics are the rooms for the three kiddos.  I would show you my oldest's room however I think a NUKE exploded in there.

 This is my husbands pride and joy.  His little private piece of the house.  He had to wire in the electricals down stairs.  He and the kids love to go down here and goof off.  They have already made some famiy video's down there and the kids love this space to play in. 
Behind this area is what will be the school area.  We need to dry wall so I get a blank canvas.

So this is a small peek into our new home.  We did start school this week.  I decided to give the kids assessments just to see what they remember and what I need to cover.  I don't think it's as bad as I thought.  I was a little worried but I'm sure we will be ok. 
Thanks for checking in and please leave comments just to let me know you stopped by. 

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The House after the first few days.


This was the beginning, week 1....the lifting was over, now finding a home for everything.  This is going to be a process.
Dinning area
 However, we will get there with great determination and relief.  We continue to remember this is our home, it's all over.

Living Room1
School has been still on and off but we will get back to all we need to do.  

Living Room 2
 The kids are all excited and the animals seem to be adjusting well.  So I am allowing you a peek into my world as we go through this process.  For those that know me, they know how tough this is for me.  I'm very anxious to get it done but it's been very taxing on me.

So stay tuned for pics of week 2.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Closing is set for this week.

Our New House
Ok so this is the NEW house.  We FINALLY received word that all things were approved and closing is finally set for this week.  We are so excited and so ready for the move.  We've been trying hard to pass the waiting game time by re-painting our current house.  That has been a task.

I will post more pics as we move in and most importantly, WE WILL be developing a SCHOOL ROOM.  I'm so excited but I know that will be some time down the road before it will be ready.  I'm also excited about the plans I have for a craft area.  I'm hoping that it will inspire some good things. 

So with every silver lining, there seems to always be a cloud somewhere.  This morning, we were having our morning coffee talking about the plans for the day and we get a phonecall from our beloved 18 yr old daughter, who had spent  the night else where.  I answer to "YOU ARE GOING TO KILL ME".  I knew right then she had an accident.  Sure enough, she totaled my husbands car.  She hit ice and slid into another car and pole.  Thank the Lord she is ok, but this will leave us with no second car.  We've chosen not to go into debt till we are able to get on our feet.  So we will pay off what we owe and live with one vehicle for now.  I know it will be a tough adjustment for a while but we will manage. 

Times like this, I have a tendancy to withdraw and go down a path of negative thought.  I am fighting this path and I choose to look at the gifts given by our God.  There are blessings to behold and no matter what God is still in control.  Living a moment with my children is the greatest moment in life.  Life is tough, and we struggle but I know that beyond anything I can see or comprehend, God sees the picture and knows what is best.  He knows what we need and no matter, I will rely on His wisdom, His plan.  Taking comfort the He has already placed before me all that I need. 

Be blessed. 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Life learning!

Ok, so funny story but shows the amazing moments we have to teach.  My young daughter says something about MY MOTHER HAVING ANOTHER BABY!   LAUGHING:)  (my mom did too) Couldn't understand the concept as to WHY she couldn't.   SO, that turned into a quick health/science lesson.  I've also found that in the last month, while we've been on our delayed schooling schedule because of the move, that the kids seem to be wanting to learn about this and that, asking very interesting questions, educational questions. They are also finding ways to answer those questions.  I've also found them watching more and more educational type shows.  It is amazing that when you leave your kids to explore the world with a little guidance, the opportunities for them to learn is so vast.  Their little minds seem to want so much and really with my brain it's hard to keep up. THANK GOD FOR THE INTERNET!!!

I've done research before on the "Un-schooling" meathods of homeschool and truthfully, I really love the IDEA of it however my person can't let go enough to not step in.  I always fear my kids not knowing enough.  Ok that is the control freak that I am, but seeing this within my kids is helping to see that I really need not worry too much.  They are learning, even though it's not deliberate book work or lessons.  It's great to witness such great things and of course a new way of seeing God's Great Handy work, LIVE IN ACTION!. 

As for the house and closing, still waiting!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Delayed closing….breakdown

Well, it seems that every time I go to get excited there is yet one more thing to

bring me down.  We are beginning to wonder if there will be an end.  HOWEVER,

I know that again, I must find my peace in the Lord.  There is only that to hold

on to.  I so wish that I could be done with it all though.  It is agonizing.  Right now all

we can hope for is next week.  In the mean time we continue to get everything ready.

Keep us in your prayers as this process is taking its toll on us. 

School is obviously going slow these days.  We are all anxious for the move and till

then it’s not going to be much. 

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Wow has this been a process.  I can't say that this has been totally enjoyable.  I would have hated to build.  That would be agonizing.  But here we are Closing is set for Friday and moving on Saturday, that is if there are no more glitches.  We are so ready to get out of here.  As a rental the house LOOKS nice but so many things wrong and a cheap landlord.  Even as we speak I must sit here wearing 2 layers of clothes a blazing hot cup of coffee just to stay warm while the temps are only at 30F.  Our furnace runs constantly and it's only getting worse.  That is only the half.  So to say the least, I will be very happy to get out. 
We did some school yesterday and I will some today.  We are doing easy stuff though, games, computer stuff, and reading books.  I am un-hooked to the printer and things are a mess so it is easier for me to just let them do the work on the computer.  This in it's self makes me wonder about schooling in the pioneer days.  Many still homeschooled, but how and when.  I'm sure the HBL style was in full usage.  Of course the bible was used a lot and maybe a few like the McGuffey readers.  Parents could only school what they knew and even some of them didn't know reading and writing.  I'm so Glad that we have the resources available to us today that we have.  Isn't it nice?  I think that this is one of the great reasons that our Homeschooled kids are excelling over the mainstream. 
One of my commitments in the New Year is that I would like to get more involved in politics in our new community.  There are some things happening here in KY that really concern those of us that home school.  It is all part of the democratic agenda that wants control.  SO, I'm hoping to begin to teach my children to become a part of the American Voice by example.  They need to know that they are the future of this country and we need them to step up and speak.  OK, I'm off my  soapbox. 
So, anyway, off to packing and more packing, ugh!!!!!  Coming next is house pics.  Stay tuned....

Sunday, January 9, 2011

It's my birthday....

Well, today I'm one year older.  Wiser, I don't know.  Grayer, most definitely.  Most of all, I'm here with my family, and we are ok. 
As most of us are, we don't toot our own horn so I didn't and funny thing is, the kids didn't even know it was my birthday till almost lunch time.  "Why didn't you tell us?"  Funny.  My oldest 18 says, oh yeah, I forgot.  I did get a call from my son although he is the one that will never forget, his birthday is on the 8th. 
It was good though, for the most part.  I asked the kids to not fight, go to dad for any problems and mom was off duty.  We went to church, out to eat, and I was able to chillax.  I like that.  Now if I could have someone finish the packing this week...ok wishful thinking. 
I'm hoping for the good news of being able to complete all this house stuff and move, this week.  Prayerfully next week this time, I'll be sitting in my new house messy that it will be but at least it will be done and then I will find peace and relaxation. 
I will post more pics as I go.

Saturday, January 8, 2011


I was so struggling with this blog site and now I've figured it out.  They don't like my browser and so I HAD to open everything through IE, which by the way is the one browser I HATE and always get nailed with virus ware.  So when I blog or view blogs, I will have to open IE.....ugh. 

Friday, January 7, 2011


Moving in the middle of a school year isn't easy, and really isn't easy at all ever.  BUT there are some things that I've done to make it work for me. 
1. First realize it's going to get done.
2. Make a plan, you don't have to do it all at one time.  Being overwhelmed isn't going to get the job done.
3. Map out the house, count your rooms, and asses the big areas from your small areas. 
4.  Instead of allowing the kids to get in your way, don't be afraid to get them involved.  They can do some things too.  Just make sure they are packing things that you won't worry about being done right. 
5. This is the best time for a clean out.  Use the rule of thumb, if you haven't used it in a year or two you won't ever.  Stop saving those clothes from HS hoping to fit into them.  IT WON"T HAPPEN and even if you did, you wouldn't want to wear them anymore.  Also, same goes for the Kitchen and Crafts.  I know as a crafter and home schooler I tend to pack rat anything I think I can use later.  SO BE BRAVE AND CLEAN OUT!  If you need it later, chances are you can replace it very easily.
6.  Map out your NEW house and decide what needs to go where.  This helps in the packing process too.  As you mark those boxes the movers know where to put it. 
7. Packing those boxes- MARK IT WELL.  Put on it What room to put it in, AND BE DETAILED IN THE CONTENTS.  MARK BREAKABLE all over the box. 
8. USE ever drawer, cubby, or empty space.  Fill them up.  Yes it's heavy but you need to use it instead of using Boxes. 
9. INVEST IN -packing tape, markers and saran wrap.  Why the wrap, great for keeping your wood items protected and any loose doors from falling open and stuff falling out.
10. USE towels, washcloths, sheets, blankets, pillows and rags all for packing instead of paper.  Works so much better and costs less. 
11. MAKE SURE you keep a basket of things that you will need while moving.  Screw driver, tape, rags, cleaner, rope, markers, bungees, zip lock bags, garbage bags, and any personal items.
12. Make sure you pack in separate boxes, sheets for beds, clothing for the next day, and any toiletries needed for the new house like toilet paper, paper towels, bathing items.  THESE YOU WILL WANT TO KNOW WHERE THEY ARE and not have to hunt for. 
So, Hope these little moving tips can help.  If you have more to add, please do.  Would love to get more ideas.


" For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." -Jer 29:11
"So there is hope for your future," declares the LORD. "Your children will return to their own land."- Jer. 31:17
God has promised Hope AND a Future.  I feel this is my promise, this is for me and my family.  For so long the House of Wood has been through the dessert, the storms, the earth shattering disasters, with very little hope except that of our salvation.  I've held on to the Lord and that knowing he was with me all along the way.  I've not been the most faithful and at times have screamed at God for allowing these things to happen.  I don't understand everything but I do know that I've learned this one thing, life is a day by day and sometimes moment by moment adventure.  God didn't promise we would KNOW the plan or even like HIS plan, but that we trust HIM that he has a plan and that HIS plan is in our best interest.  So with that I try to look at all things in life as a moment of trusting in Him. 
2011 I believe is the beginning of some very good things for the House of Wood.  We will be closing on our very own, brand new house in the next week or so.  We believe this in itself is going to be a financial blessing and help us to get back on our feet.  We are more able to plan good things for the family and allowing us more freedom.  We are unsure of any change in our home church at the moment but we are seeing good things in the kids where we are. 
Kim will be graduating this year and as soon as we move will be looking for new work.  She is unsure of her own future plans but I am learning that God has them in HIS watchful care. Matt is in a new place and turning 16 this Saturday.  God keeps speaking Jer. 29:11 and Jer. 31:17 to me over these 2.  So, this year, 2011, I am going to try and commit to Praying these scriptures over them, daily.  These are the times that I know God is the only answer and I know PRAYER WORKS.    Becoming a mother of empty nesting is hard.  It's the letting go and allowing Them to work life out with God.  And most of all learning to trust that GOD will take care of them even when they are not following Him. 
As for Home school, we have been on a very long break due to this house thing.  SO, I pray that we are able to work into a full day of work after all is settled.  Getting Kids back in a groove is hard but I'm praying that God help me be creative and get them back into things with them on board and not even realizing they are doing it. 
More posting to come. 

Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Blog....

This is something new.  I had been really struggling with posting via the blogspot website.  For some reason I couldn't post.  I got so frustrated that I deleted it all and was looking for another site.  Seems that there are no other sites without paying for it, so in the end, if this doesn't work that is what I will do.  So for my first post on this one, I am sending this only as a test.