Friday, September 16, 2011

This week was a not so week off.  What do I mean, well as I've explained we are on a 4 week on then a break.  This was a 1 week off break although we were so very busy that really it wasn't much of a week off.  We did Dr visits and even a Field Trip tomorrow to Bardstown Civil War days.  Even though it's a saturday I'm counting that as a school event.
We also had a few other events go on this week that was fun but again, I feel worn out.  Oh not to forget that our cat again had her kittens last night so I was midwifing last night too.  
On the homeschool front though, we are getting ready to finish up our book with Total  Language Plus that I have totally loved and I think the kids like this method they just didn't like the book SO with that I'm rethinking things and I may attempt my own study off of books they enjoy.  Nate is beginning to really enjoy books but picking the right one is the trick for him.  Larissa is a reader and she loves the girl type books.  Because they have really developed a love of reading I want to encourage this by keeping with this type learning.  It will be more challenging for me but I'm sure we can do this.
So this week is a shorter post but it is.  This is life and we are blessed.

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