Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The House after the first few days.


This was the beginning, week 1....the lifting was over, now finding a home for everything.  This is going to be a process.
Dinning area
 However, we will get there with great determination and relief.  We continue to remember this is our home, it's all over.

Living Room1
School has been still on and off but we will get back to all we need to do.  

Living Room 2
 The kids are all excited and the animals seem to be adjusting well.  So I am allowing you a peek into my world as we go through this process.  For those that know me, they know how tough this is for me.  I'm very anxious to get it done but it's been very taxing on me.

So stay tuned for pics of week 2.

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Kayla said...

It may take you a while but you will get it together!! School can always be done in so many different ways you dont have to have the kids sitting down learning, You would be surprised at what your teaching them right now!! XOXO