Saturday, January 22, 2011

Closing is set for this week.

Our New House
Ok so this is the NEW house.  We FINALLY received word that all things were approved and closing is finally set for this week.  We are so excited and so ready for the move.  We've been trying hard to pass the waiting game time by re-painting our current house.  That has been a task.

I will post more pics as we move in and most importantly, WE WILL be developing a SCHOOL ROOM.  I'm so excited but I know that will be some time down the road before it will be ready.  I'm also excited about the plans I have for a craft area.  I'm hoping that it will inspire some good things. 

So with every silver lining, there seems to always be a cloud somewhere.  This morning, we were having our morning coffee talking about the plans for the day and we get a phonecall from our beloved 18 yr old daughter, who had spent  the night else where.  I answer to "YOU ARE GOING TO KILL ME".  I knew right then she had an accident.  Sure enough, she totaled my husbands car.  She hit ice and slid into another car and pole.  Thank the Lord she is ok, but this will leave us with no second car.  We've chosen not to go into debt till we are able to get on our feet.  So we will pay off what we owe and live with one vehicle for now.  I know it will be a tough adjustment for a while but we will manage. 

Times like this, I have a tendancy to withdraw and go down a path of negative thought.  I am fighting this path and I choose to look at the gifts given by our God.  There are blessings to behold and no matter what God is still in control.  Living a moment with my children is the greatest moment in life.  Life is tough, and we struggle but I know that beyond anything I can see or comprehend, God sees the picture and knows what is best.  He knows what we need and no matter, I will rely on His wisdom, His plan.  Taking comfort the He has already placed before me all that I need. 

Be blessed. 


The Adventurer said...

Congrats on the closing and so sorry about the loss of a car:( It will be tough but I will be praying that something will work out for you soon. Many blessings for your new home can't wait to see more picture as you transform you house into your home!

Fatcat said...

Sorry about your car. We've done the one care thingy and it's a pain, but it's doable.

I saw your note on the HFHG list. I'm another blogger who lives in the same hometown as you. Small world, huh?

Congratulations on the house. It's really pretty.


Kayla said...

The new house looks wonderful, can't wait to see pics!!! God sure was watchin over her to not be hurt!! Sorry about the car but wonderful for no injuries!! XOXO Hurry and get settled in that house!! Post pics soon!!