Sunday, September 4, 2011

Well followers, yes it has been a LONG time.  Why I really can't say I have a good excuse, just being lazy.  HOWEVER, some of you know that I've been battling some health issues as well that does effect my drive and energy.  To be honest some days it's good for me just to get up and finish school.  Some days I fantasize of just staying in bed all day.  Yes, I know that doesn't sound good and really it's not.  That is what I mean by battle.  I some days just have to force my feet out of bed and just pray for God's Strength for the day.  If  any of you have Diabetes and Thyroid issues as well as beginning Menopause well, that is my world right now.  SO as you read, just say a little prayer for me that God will help me get back my health. 

Now on to new things.  We started our new year of Homeschool on the 11th of July.  I have decided for my sake as well as the kids this year we would do things a little different this year.  We are doing a 4 weeks on and 1 week off schedule.  With the exception of 2 4-6 week vacation times.  SO FAR it's working well.  I usually lose steam about the 3rd week in but I'm able to make it through that last week knowing I have a week of rest.  I've also changed things up a bit with our curriculum and so far I really like it and even though the kids don't think they like it they seem to do well with it. 

Our CURRENT curriculum:
We are doing as a group Mystery of History Vol 1., Christian Kids Explore Earth and Space, Artist study as well as techniques, Musician Study and a little theory in there as well.  The kids all decided they wanted to learn Chinese this year so I bought a dvd as well as some software to help.  We are also doing Total Language Plus for Language Arts.  We started with "The Whipping Boy" although the kids really don't like the book.  I am looking over the next selection but may end up doing something with books I know they enjoy.  We also do Bible together.  This isn't any curriculum but more of a devotion time together. 
With the Youngest seeing that  he's in K this year.  I'm kind of winging it with him as He's really taking off on his own.  He's doing 1st grade level Math but writing skills or even motor skills still need work.  He's also showing great reading progression.  Really beginning to pic up on phonics on his own.  So I say as long as he is pushing himself than I'm letting him lead. 
As for the Workboxes, we are doing 8 this year.  The youngest does his 8 and he knows he's done.  The other 2 do their boxes focusing on their worksheets for TLP, Math, their own Bible time and Reading Time.  I also throw in some life skill boxes too.  This year they are showing an interest in cooking and sewing (even the boys) so I've got some things we are going to work on this year. 

So that is really our year.  Now remember I have one that did Graduate from PS this past year and still living here at home ( although as most teens, she has one foot out the door) but she has found a good solid job and actually indirectly working for DAD.  Long story short, My husband is the IMPORTANT Customer for the Repair Vendor whom my daughter works for.  He didn't get her the job but I'm sure being his daughter didn't hurt either.  So I'm just glad she's working a good solid job now.  As for her plans for school, she is still unsure of her future plans although talks about going to school.....we will see.  I just want to see her successful and happy at what she does. 

As for the other one, Matt is doing well.  He's a Junior this year although somewhat behind the typical grade.  He is in a private type school by the state.  He may be coming home in December but only time will tell there.  He is asking to go back to PS but I'm not really sure that is a good idea.  I would have to really pray that one out.  I know that he's wanting to get back to being NORMAL but truth is he's been out of the system for so long that I fear it would be culture shock for him.  So that is another thing to pray for as you read.  Pray God give us all wisdom and whats the best for him. 

As for life here in KY.  We too have had a great long heat wave this summer.  The kids have found some great friends and all is well.  We are happy to be here in this spot.  SO, really all is GOOD. 

Come back again and check up on me.  As we work through this year I'm going to post more pics of our projects and trips.  Love to hear feed back from you too.

BTW, Mama Cat is going to have her second litter any time soon now.  So stay tuned in for pics.  Let me know if you want a kitten. 

Blessings in HIM!

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Brenna said...

Hope you are feeling better soon~ it's so hard to be the mom when we don't feel energized. Sounds like you have a good plan for the year!