Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pics of the House

 So after lots of effort in the process this is the after pics of the house.  This is the period where we take a rest, things are livable and we are settling into call it home.  There are so many other things we are going to do but for now we are here.  
This is the Kitchen and my long awaited oven.  My husband was great and let me have the one I really wanted.  Not top of the line but is a Convection Oven.  Wow, I got so excited about being able to cook and bake again.

Here Is Nate this morning.  Just a fun pic.  The kids are all happy here and love their new home.  Already making friends in the neighborhood. 

These are pics of the living room.  Right now it's a little cramped in there but I do have all our school stuff in here too.  In the future we will have our very own school room.  We are going to work on that. 

The kids are sitting at the table in our eating area / School table.  (for now)

 The slice of peace haven for me.  This is the master bedroom.  Nothing great but it is our area.
 I'm still working on this area a little but this is my sewing machine and I'm excited to have a space to work on my hobbies.

These pics are a little more of my craft areas.  This is in our closet but we had enough space to give me a spot for crafting....when I get time.
 organizers are essential....

These next three pics are the rooms for the three kiddos.  I would show you my oldest's room however I think a NUKE exploded in there.

 This is my husbands pride and joy.  His little private piece of the house.  He had to wire in the electricals down stairs.  He and the kids love to go down here and goof off.  They have already made some famiy video's down there and the kids love this space to play in. 
Behind this area is what will be the school area.  We need to dry wall so I get a blank canvas.

So this is a small peek into our new home.  We did start school this week.  I decided to give the kids assessments just to see what they remember and what I need to cover.  I don't think it's as bad as I thought.  I was a little worried but I'm sure we will be ok. 
Thanks for checking in and please leave comments just to let me know you stopped by. 


Kayla said...

Love it-- Looks like you have settled in great! Love your cabinets in your kitchen!!

Creekermom said...

Looks GREAT Dawn! I can't wait to come & visit!!!
I'm ready for Spring!

The Adventurer said...

So glad you all moved in and unpacked already:) Looks like you have enough space for all your activities which is always a blessing.

Jill Stanish said...

You have done wonders in hardly any time at all! Love hearing about your future school room plans. And the craft nook is marvelous. Hopped on over from workboxes and am following you.

Brenna said...

Wow ~ what great spaces you've got! Congratulations, and your enjoy your new home!