Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Wow has this been a process.  I can't say that this has been totally enjoyable.  I would have hated to build.  That would be agonizing.  But here we are Closing is set for Friday and moving on Saturday, that is if there are no more glitches.  We are so ready to get out of here.  As a rental the house LOOKS nice but so many things wrong and a cheap landlord.  Even as we speak I must sit here wearing 2 layers of clothes a blazing hot cup of coffee just to stay warm while the temps are only at 30F.  Our furnace runs constantly and it's only getting worse.  That is only the half.  So to say the least, I will be very happy to get out. 
We did some school yesterday and I will some today.  We are doing easy stuff though, games, computer stuff, and reading books.  I am un-hooked to the printer and things are a mess so it is easier for me to just let them do the work on the computer.  This in it's self makes me wonder about schooling in the pioneer days.  Many still homeschooled, but how and when.  I'm sure the HBL style was in full usage.  Of course the bible was used a lot and maybe a few like the McGuffey readers.  Parents could only school what they knew and even some of them didn't know reading and writing.  I'm so Glad that we have the resources available to us today that we have.  Isn't it nice?  I think that this is one of the great reasons that our Homeschooled kids are excelling over the mainstream. 
One of my commitments in the New Year is that I would like to get more involved in politics in our new community.  There are some things happening here in KY that really concern those of us that home school.  It is all part of the democratic agenda that wants control.  SO, I'm hoping to begin to teach my children to become a part of the American Voice by example.  They need to know that they are the future of this country and we need them to step up and speak.  OK, I'm off my  soapbox. 
So, anyway, off to packing and more packing, ugh!!!!!  Coming next is house pics.  Stay tuned....

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MommyKuehner said...

I wonder many days how people homeschooled before the materials we have access to now. Even just a few years ago. Times have changed so much. The boys OT therapists actually told me to not worry about him learning how to write, he can type everything anyway. I mean have we completely come to that? I don't agree with her, and encouraging his handwriting in short amounts though.

Be safe with your move and take it easy.