Friday, January 7, 2011


Moving in the middle of a school year isn't easy, and really isn't easy at all ever.  BUT there are some things that I've done to make it work for me. 
1. First realize it's going to get done.
2. Make a plan, you don't have to do it all at one time.  Being overwhelmed isn't going to get the job done.
3. Map out the house, count your rooms, and asses the big areas from your small areas. 
4.  Instead of allowing the kids to get in your way, don't be afraid to get them involved.  They can do some things too.  Just make sure they are packing things that you won't worry about being done right. 
5. This is the best time for a clean out.  Use the rule of thumb, if you haven't used it in a year or two you won't ever.  Stop saving those clothes from HS hoping to fit into them.  IT WON"T HAPPEN and even if you did, you wouldn't want to wear them anymore.  Also, same goes for the Kitchen and Crafts.  I know as a crafter and home schooler I tend to pack rat anything I think I can use later.  SO BE BRAVE AND CLEAN OUT!  If you need it later, chances are you can replace it very easily.
6.  Map out your NEW house and decide what needs to go where.  This helps in the packing process too.  As you mark those boxes the movers know where to put it. 
7. Packing those boxes- MARK IT WELL.  Put on it What room to put it in, AND BE DETAILED IN THE CONTENTS.  MARK BREAKABLE all over the box. 
8. USE ever drawer, cubby, or empty space.  Fill them up.  Yes it's heavy but you need to use it instead of using Boxes. 
9. INVEST IN -packing tape, markers and saran wrap.  Why the wrap, great for keeping your wood items protected and any loose doors from falling open and stuff falling out.
10. USE towels, washcloths, sheets, blankets, pillows and rags all for packing instead of paper.  Works so much better and costs less. 
11. MAKE SURE you keep a basket of things that you will need while moving.  Screw driver, tape, rags, cleaner, rope, markers, bungees, zip lock bags, garbage bags, and any personal items.
12. Make sure you pack in separate boxes, sheets for beds, clothing for the next day, and any toiletries needed for the new house like toilet paper, paper towels, bathing items.  THESE YOU WILL WANT TO KNOW WHERE THEY ARE and not have to hunt for. 
So, Hope these little moving tips can help.  If you have more to add, please do.  Would love to get more ideas.

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The Adventurer said...

Stopping by from workboxes and now following i think I was following before all your other blog as your face looks familiar:) We have moved many times for my husband's job and it is always an adventure:)