Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Life learning!

Ok, so funny story but shows the amazing moments we have to teach.  My young daughter says something about MY MOTHER HAVING ANOTHER BABY!   LAUGHING:)  (my mom did too) Couldn't understand the concept as to WHY she couldn't.   SO, that turned into a quick health/science lesson.  I've also found that in the last month, while we've been on our delayed schooling schedule because of the move, that the kids seem to be wanting to learn about this and that, asking very interesting questions, educational questions. They are also finding ways to answer those questions.  I've also found them watching more and more educational type shows.  It is amazing that when you leave your kids to explore the world with a little guidance, the opportunities for them to learn is so vast.  Their little minds seem to want so much and really with my brain it's hard to keep up. THANK GOD FOR THE INTERNET!!!

I've done research before on the "Un-schooling" meathods of homeschool and truthfully, I really love the IDEA of it however my person can't let go enough to not step in.  I always fear my kids not knowing enough.  Ok that is the control freak that I am, but seeing this within my kids is helping to see that I really need not worry too much.  They are learning, even though it's not deliberate book work or lessons.  It's great to witness such great things and of course a new way of seeing God's Great Handy work, LIVE IN ACTION!. 

As for the house and closing, still waiting!

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