Sunday, January 9, 2011

It's my birthday....

Well, today I'm one year older.  Wiser, I don't know.  Grayer, most definitely.  Most of all, I'm here with my family, and we are ok. 
As most of us are, we don't toot our own horn so I didn't and funny thing is, the kids didn't even know it was my birthday till almost lunch time.  "Why didn't you tell us?"  Funny.  My oldest 18 says, oh yeah, I forgot.  I did get a call from my son although he is the one that will never forget, his birthday is on the 8th. 
It was good though, for the most part.  I asked the kids to not fight, go to dad for any problems and mom was off duty.  We went to church, out to eat, and I was able to chillax.  I like that.  Now if I could have someone finish the packing this week...ok wishful thinking. 
I'm hoping for the good news of being able to complete all this house stuff and move, this week.  Prayerfully next week this time, I'll be sitting in my new house messy that it will be but at least it will be done and then I will find peace and relaxation. 
I will post more pics as I go.

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