Friday, January 14, 2011

Delayed closing….breakdown

Well, it seems that every time I go to get excited there is yet one more thing to

bring me down.  We are beginning to wonder if there will be an end.  HOWEVER,

I know that again, I must find my peace in the Lord.  There is only that to hold

on to.  I so wish that I could be done with it all though.  It is agonizing.  Right now all

we can hope for is next week.  In the mean time we continue to get everything ready.

Keep us in your prayers as this process is taking its toll on us. 

School is obviously going slow these days.  We are all anxious for the move and till

then it’s not going to be much. 


Mari said...

don't worry, take it slow and easy. you can always resume "school" after the move and being setled in. until then relax, read, watch movies of all kinds. you would be surprised what they learn from watching tv shows and movies. my 14 yr old learns alot of history from watching pawn stars on i think netflix or hulu. he also learns alot form other shows from those 2 resources.

The Adventurer said...

Hoping your move goes smoothly. Sorry to hear your landlord is less than helpful. We live in a rental but so far our landlord has been good about fixing things. glad you worked out all your glitches with your blog:)